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Gutter cleaning is the process of removing any debris from within the gutter system. Gutters will fill up with debris from nearby trees, which typically shed their leaves in the Fall and pollinate in the Spring. The debris in the gutters clogs up the downspouts (where the water drains out of). As a result, water will overflow out of the gutter during heavy rains. The overflowing water can find its way into your home and even damage the foundation if unattended.

There are various ways to determine if your gutters are clogged:

  1. Water is pouring over the top of the gutter.
  2. Water is falling behind the gutter.
  3. Water is leaking out of the seams of the downspout.
  4. Little to no water is coming out of the bottom of the downspout during heavy rain.

Not having your gutters cleaned can cause damage to both the interior and exterior of your home. In many situations these damages can result in costly repairs. Some of these damages include:

  1. Gutter seperating from your home due to the weight of the gutter.
  2. Rotting of the fascia wood behind the gutter.
  3. Foundation damage.
  4. Water entering the home causing water damage.

Standard practice is to get your gutters cleaned 2x a year. Usually this is once in the Spring (May or June) and one time in the Fall (November or December). Depending on how many trees you have in your area it may be more or less.

Screens are a great way to prevent leaves and other debris from entering your gutter. Although there is no such thing as a maintenance free screen, it can prolong the time between each gutter cleaning and can save you money in the long run.

Things to look out for are:

  1. Gutter or downspout is not flush against the house.
  2. Water seems to be going behind the gutter.
  3. Water is coming out of the seams of the gutter.
  4. Gutter appears to sag or droop.

If for whatever reason you are unsure, give Rjs a call and we can help assess whether a repair is necessary or not. Better safe than sorry!

Power washing is the process of using high pressure and heat to remove mold, dirt or any other type of debris off of a surface.

Soft washing is the process of using low pressure and specialized cleaning solutions to remove organic matter and debris off of a surface.

The simple answer is you don’t! Our team of professionals will automatically assess the best course of action.

It is necessary to make sure all the windows are shut around the house to prevent water from entering during the cleaning process. Also, if anything is delicate or sensitive it is important to remove it from the area or bring it inside your home. If for any reason you cannot move it, our crew will assist you.

You NEVER want to power wash a roof. Power washing a roof significantly reduces the lifespan of the roof. Our team of professionals utilizes the cleaning recomendations provided by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Assosiation.

Yes we clean slate roofs as well as shingle roofs.

Shrink wrap is the process of using a high quality wrap to cover your furniture. The wrap shrinks and adheres tightly to your furniture to help protect it during the winter months.

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