Levy Park is situated on a hill that was formerly part of a landfill and offers spectacular views of Manhattan and Long Island. The 52-acre facility also boasts trails, a fishing pier, and a kayak launch.

The preserve is home to a herd of Nigerian dwarf goats that the town employs as workers to complement the ecological mission of this landfill-turned-park. Learn more by clicking here.


Named after a Hempstead Town resident and environmental advocate, the park opened in 2000 on what was once a landfill and offers spectacular views of Manhattan. The man-made park consists of various trails that lead up to the top of a hill, and exercise stations are scattered along them for active visitors.

The 155-foot summit of the preserve is one of the highest points on Long Island s South Shore and affords hikers and runners panoramic views of Merrick Bay, Jones Beach, the Meadowbrook Parkway, and more. The park’s wooded area contains black locust, white birch, and red cedar trees, and wildlife such as turtles and snakes live here as well.

The park also boasts a 500-foot fishing pier into Merrick Bay, constructed with Cumaru, a durable hardwood from Peru that resists splintering. The park is open year-round, and group tours are available. Jitneys are also available for physically challenged and elderly visitors to make their trip around the park easier.


The park is home to many different animals. The most notable inhabitants are a herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats that act as landscapers to help control the weed and bush overgrowth within the preserve. The goats are a great attraction for kids and visitors of all ages.

Throughout the preserve, you will find many different types of trees, marshes, and birds. There are also a number of hiking and jogging trails. Kayaking is available at the park during the summer months.

Levy Park and Preserve is the ideal place to free your mind from all of life’s stresses. Whether you want to hike, jog, or take a walk and meditate; this is the place to be. The secluded location of the park is also perfect for bird-watching and wildlife photography. A beautiful place that is a must-see for any visitor to the southern shores of Long Island. This unique place is a must-see!

Bird Watching

If you are looking for a scenic spot to enjoy your favorite hobby, look no further than the Norman J. Levy Park and Preserve in Merrick. This Town of Hempstead preserve is the perfect place to see a variety of wildlife species, including turkeys, peacocks, and goats. The park is also home to a variety of plants and is a great place for hikers to explore the trails.

For those who are interested in a nature tour, the park offers educational tours of the area. Visitors can explore age-old ponds, rolling hills crafted by glacial boulders, wildflower meadows, and woodland forest canopies.

For more recreational activities, the park features a tidal brook and kayaking is available June through August. The park also has picnic tables and a pavilion. The park is open from sunrise to sunset. Guests can use the public transportation system to reach the park. It is located in the heart of Long Island and is a great place for families to enjoy a peaceful mini getaway.


Whether you’re into fitness, nature, or wildlife, Norman J Levy Park & Preserve is the place to be. The preserve features walking paths, kayak launch sites, and a fishing pier. The 155-foot peak of the park offers impressive views of Jones Beach Tower, the New York City skyline, and other coastal treasures. The preserve’s walkways are made of Cumaru, a sustainable wood from Peru that resists splintering and is very durable.

While the town of Merrick is lily white, community leaders say they’ve seen signs of minorities coming in. The president of Temple Beth Am on Merrick Avenue says the synagogue welcomes people of all races to bar mitzvahs and other events. The borough also has four mosques and the Long Island Mar Thoma Church, an Indian-based Christian group that bought an Episcopal church in 1994. The group draws congregants from throughout the region. The blending of cultures is an important part of Merrick’s character, residents say. Find out more!



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