Lincoln Terrace/Arthur S. Somers Park is a tucked-away Crown Heights/Brownsville neighborhood gem that offers a lot to see and do. This affluent boutique condominium building features dual balconies and a virtual doorman system.

This smoky Brooklyn bar has a ton of signature cocktails and kosher food. The ambiance is cozy and classy, perfect for an intimate date night. Read on to learn more.

The Park

In Brooklyn, parks are a community hub and this one is no exception. It’s a large park full of grass and trees, dotted with paths to wander and tennis and handball courts and baseball fields.

The first parcels of land for the 21-acre park were purchased between 1895 and 1897. It was called Lincoln Terrace Park until 1932 when the city board renamed the western portion Arthur S. Somers Park in honor of a local philanthropist (1866-1932) who was known for driving through the neighborhood at Christmastime handing out silver dollars to kids.

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The Playground

Designed by child development experts, this two-acre playground resembles a junkyard and lets kids explore and build whatever they want to. Rock steps, sand pits, water channels, and more offer lots of opportunities to hone motor skills and social interaction.

This final pier converted to park space in Brooklyn Bridge Park is full of surprises that scream “kids!” Peek through portholes, race across bridges, or whiz down the pirate-themed slide on this bright and fun playground. The pier is also home to a boat-shaped sandbox.

This fenced playground is a place for young children to explore their wild side. It’s divided into two areas with a variety of slides, monkey bars, and play structures. Sprinklers are on hand for those hot summer days. A must-see place!

The Restrooms

Even though they are usually places where people go to get down to business, restrooms are not always treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Whether it’s a lack of stalls or the fact that women are forced to use the same bathroom as men, public toilets are often squalid places.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Simon spent a lot of time in bathrooms and realized there is a rich, troubling history to them that should be told. He is now working on a book about the topic.

Lincoln Terrace Park is conveniently located with easy access to several green spaces, including St. John’s Park, Brower Park, Weeksville Heritage Center, and Brooklyn Children’s Museum. The Crown Heights-Utica Ave and Brooklyn-Utica Av subway stations are both less than a 10-minute walk away.

The Tennis Courts

A popular sport for locals of all ages and skill levels, the courts in this park are well-maintained and play host to a lively tennis community. The playground and picnic area are also a hit with families.

One of the top-rated parks in Brooklyn, Lincoln Terrace Park / Arthur S. Somers Park is a true community hub. Modern art, a playground for kids of all ages, tennis courts, and more make this a great place for locals to come together.

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The Baseball Fields

A large park with a kid’s section, tennis, and basketball courts, and football and baseball fields. It’s a great place to go for a walk or to practice your swing. It’s also a good place to come for a sports league game. You’ll need to have a permit to use the athletic fields or courts.

Brooklyn’s parks are the closest most neighborhoods get to a town square, a refuge for all classes and cultures. But these spots are often overlooked, writes Corey Axelrod.

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