Located on the Brooklyn/Queens border, Highland Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the borough. It borders Cypress Hills, Brooklyn—part of the East New York neighborhood—to its south and abuts Glendale and Ridgewood in Queens to its north.

The park includes the former Ridgewood Reservoir—built in 1858, the three reservoir basins have reverted to forests and meadows and a freshwater pond. It is a popular place for relaxation, sports, and birdwatching. Read this first!


Located on a high plateau that straddles the Brooklyn-Queens border, this neighborhood park is home to Ridgewood Reservoir and offers sweeping vistas as far as the Rockaways in Queens. Acquired in pieces over time, the park began to take shape between 1901 and 1905 when Parks built a combined music stand and tool house, a shelter, a rustic bridge, roads, footpaths, and a flower garden.

The neighborhood is also home to a slew of recreational activities. Children’s farm gardens serve as hands-on classrooms, the baseball fields and handball courts are popular spots for organized league play and community events, and the open meadows and picnic areas offer respite from city life. Birders will find a wide variety of wildlife here as well. Ridgewood Reservoir, along with nearby Floyd Bennett Field and Canarsie Park, are major birding hotspots in the borough.


Highland Park is a neighborhood that is a mix of single young professionals, families, and retired residents. It borders Cypress Hills, Brooklyn – part of the East New York neighborhood – to the south and Glendale and Ridgewood in Queens to the north.

The main landmark of Highland Park is the Ridgewood Reservoir, a decommissioned 50-acre cultural and ecological treasure that is situated on the border between Brooklyn and Queens. NYC H2O, a not-for-profit organization, has promoted stewardship of this site through tending pollinator gardens and providing community access to the park.

Gloria Gallaway sent this color view from Highland Boulevard circa 1920 showing the houses that line that street. P.S. 108 is in the background. In 1991, the western section of the park was renamed for Vito Piranesi Battista, a local educator and member of the New York State Assembly. Here is another spot to visit.


Brooklyn has a strong tradition of birding (the Brooklyn Bird Club was founded in 1909), and is home to an active community of birders. Across the borough, eBird records show more than 360 species of birds.

Highland Park is a prime birding spot, as it features freshwater wetlands and woodlands. These wetlands and forests are important habitats for native New York City birds, as well as migrating species.

Stroll through the park’s winding trails and soak up nature’s beauty. The park also boasts spectacular views of the Brooklyn skyline.


On a high plateau that straddles Brooklyn and Queens, Highland Park offers stunning views of Ridgewood Reservoir, the Rockaways, and nearby cemeteries. The park’s children’s farm gardens serve as hands-on classrooms, barbecue areas provide space for community gatherings, and numerous tennis courts, baseball fields, and handball courts offer New Yorkers safe and clean spots for athletic recreation.

Highland Park is also known as a culinary destination. It’s hard to go a block without bumping into a trendy cafe or exposed-ceiling gastropub, but there are many other things to do in the neighborhood that predate the area’s reputation as one of the city’s hippest.


The Highland Park neighborhood offers a wide variety of recreational activities. From a steampunk-esque bowling alley to off-the-beaten-path museums and landmark house tours, you’ll find something for everyone.

Atop a hill, Highland Park commands dramatic vistas of nearby cemeteries, the Ridgewood Reservoir, and Queens neighborhoods to the north. It is bounded by Cypress Hills and East New York to the south and the jumble of rail lines at Broadway Junction to the west.

The park took its present shape between 1906 and 1908, and soon became a favorite spot for the residents of both Brooklyn and Queens to picnic, jog, play sports, and enjoy nature. The park includes a football field, baseball fields, 28 tennis courts (and a frozen pond for skating in winter), an aquatic garden, and the Dawn of Glory World War I monument by Pietro Montana, dedicated in 1925. Click here for more interesting articles.



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